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Boynton Knights FC is a program that is professionally run by licensed and qualified coaches who are extremely dedicated to the development of the children in our region. We recognize that there are no youth programs in our area including ours that are the end product and we are part of a process that helps develop players to play at the next level (college  or higher). Our structure is put in place to give the coaches and players the best opportunity to improve and fulfill their potential. Developing players & giving them the tools to be a successful soccer player together with building their character to be a positive leader on and off the field is our primary goal as an organization.

Please see below to see if our program is a fit for you and your family.

1) Are you truly willing to give up short term success for long term development?

We will play the ball out of the back and play through our Center midfielders in our buildup play. It’s risky but we are willing to concede goals and even lose games by deliberately putting our players under pressure and challenging them to not shy away from the pressure but rather face and overcome it with skill and creativity. We don’t take the easy way out by punting and playing longs balls. Parents and players need to be understanding of this and not judge the team and players by wins and losses but rather by development and progress on playing the beautiful game. It takes years to develop these abilities therefore we need to work hard and smart but also be patient, especially when we lose games/tournaments. We need to stick to our philosophy, identity and direction if we truly want to make a difference for the players.

2) Are you willing to give the coaches their respect and space to do their job?

We are only looking for positive and encouraging personal on and off the field to create as pure environment as possible for the coaches to work and the players to develop and enjoy their experience. No sideline coaching. It takes away from your child’s experience as well as his/her teammates. The game belongs to the players!!!

3) Commitment – are you willing to not only be committed to your child but to the team and club?

 We recognize that your primary goal is to look out for your child which is 100% normal and appropriate but soccer is a team sport and therefore, once you make the commitment to the club, other players and parents are relying on your child attending practices and games.

The club commitment after tryouts is for 1 year but please keep in mind that the club is looking for players who have the long term goal in mind and be consistent with growing through the program.



If the answer is yes to the points above then we have a team of very qualified and dedicated coaches and we’d love to have you be a part of the Boynton Knight Soccer family!!!

See you at fields,


Director of coaching and player development




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