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Boynton Knights Football Club philosophy and style of play

Boynton Knights Football Club philosophy and style of play


Building– We will be brave and problem solve when building out of the back and playing through the thirds.
Creating goal scoring opportunities- We will take creative risks, be aggressive with and without the ball and be dynamic in order to create goal scoring opportunities.

Attacking to defending- We will react collectively with speed and aggression upon losing possession, attempting to win the ball back as quickly as possible. If we don’t win the ball back quickly then we will reorganize and get into our defensive shape.

Pressing- We press as high as possible and try to win the ball in the opponent’s half.
Defend own goal – Deny penetration, when closer to our goal, force the ball wide and/or away from our goal.

Defending to attacking – In winning the ball we counter attack fast, if we can’t go forward fast then we keep the ball and be patient.


Boynton Knights philosophy and style of play is applied throughout all age groups, teams and individual players in the program. The training curriculum and philosophy focuses on “total football” which requires the players to move in a fluid formation, where players can interchange positions quickly. Our keeper is our first attacker and the forwards are our first defenders. Every player participates in attacking and defending and through intelligent movement we aim to create numbers up on both offense and defense.

The younger team’s main focus is on their individual skill and technical ability while keeping their heads up for space awareness. Ball manipulation, creativity, moves and 1v1’s are practiced in various scenarios at the younger age groups and our goal is to introduce endless skills so the players gain confidence with the ball and are able to take on the first defender. The long term development of the individual player and purity of the sport are the clubs main priorities.

The knight’s philosophy consists of building out of the back, moving the ball at pace on the ground finding the center midfielders as much as possible and utilizing the width of the field with wingers and penetration through creativity and various attacking principles. The individual technical ability is crucial in order to apply the club philosophy and system of play where every player should be capable with the ball at their feet under pressure. If we can’t go forward then we keep possession and stay patient with the ball until we find a new angle to attack.

Throughout the program, the players will be developed on their technical, tactical, psychical and mental strength with the end goal being developing quality individual soccer players & people so they can have opportunities to play beyond 18 years of age with college or a professional soccer programs.



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